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Specto Medical® is a software that transforms computed tomography (CT) data into a 3D visualisation in a matter of seconds. The data can be immediately viewed and used in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). This saves time in the preparation and execution of operations, improves patient education and contributes to surgical training.

Instant visualisation

Load and visualise medical datasets in 3D in just a few seconds


Greater efficiency when preparing for and performing operations and when explaining procedures to patients

Intuitive operation

Can be used immediately without any specific technical knowledge or training required

Innovative research

Latest results from research carried out in partnership with the University of Basel

Virtual reality (VR)

Gain new perspectives with immersive technology

This revolutionary software brings together the very best aspects of augmented reality: computer tomography (CT) data is uploaded as a virtual 3D model in a matter of seconds. The 3D insights help to increase efficiency when preparing for operations, make it easier to explain procedures to patients, and can be used for surgical training.


Next-level surgery planning

Detailed, high-resolution visualisations take surgical planning to the next level. A new 3D perspective and an improved sense of scale and depth can help surgeons to more quickly get to grips with even the most difficult cases and complex situations. Interactive consultations during virtual sessions are also possible thanks to the easy-to-use network sharing feature.


Faster, clearer patient information

Visual representations make forthcoming operations clearer and more understandable to patients. Using a patient-specific 3D model to explain procedures conveys a sense of security and builds trust.


Not just realistic – real

The best way to prepare is with the real thing. Anatomically correct and highly precise renderings enable surgeons to immerse themselves in true-to-life detail. A range of CT scans expand learning and teaching platforms and can be used for professional surgical training.

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Optimal results

«Being able to prepare for surgery and complete training in the virtual environment makes it possible to plan operations more precisely and significantly improves the surgical outcomes.»

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Augmented reality (AR)

Benefit from enhanced insights during surgery

Augmented reality (AR) makes it possible to visualise patient-specific CT datasets in 3D. During the operation, surgeons can visualise various views and, in the case of complex procedures, consult important information whenever they need to.

Straightforward and
ready to use immediately

DICOM files are transformed into accurate 3D models in just a few seconds. Thanks to intuitive controls and simple operation, users benefit from unparalleled visual and haptic experiences in the virtual environment.

Supporting surgery
through 3D visualisation

The 3D visualisations generated by the software support surgeons during operations by showing them the situation from different angles. This means that complex situations and circumstances can be grasped more quickly and easily.

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Medical innovation through immersive technology

Intuitive application and visualisation

Immersive technology improves and enhances the virtual experience. The 3D data is significantly easier and quicker to use and navigate compared to traditional desktop applications. An XR headset is used alongside a motion-activated controller to make the application extremely intuitive.

Intuitive and straightforward

Since the lengthy CT dataset segmentation process is no longer required, a CT can be loaded and visualised in just a few seconds. Sensitive instruments provide intuitive haptic feedback in lifelike 3D visualisations.

Immersive technology

The software is constantly being optimised and the technology refined to ensure experiences that are as authentic as possible. By striking the perfect balance between rendering performance and image quality, undesirable side effects such as motion sickness are reduced and the virtual experience is continually improved.


What the experts have to say


Prof. Raphael Guzman

Head of Neurosurgery at University Hospital Basel

«We use Specto’s VR software to prepare for every brain aneurysm operation we perform. It helps make the operation faster and safer.»


Prof. Philippe C. Cattin

Head of Centre for medical Image Analysis & Navigation (CIAN) at the University of Basel

«For me as an inventor, it is very fulfilling to see the smiles on our doctors’ faces when they see their patients’ data presented in our 3D virtual reality environment for the first time.»

About us


Specto Medical® is a spin-off company from the University of Basel that provides VR and AR software for use in the medical sector. Behind the scenes is a young, dynamic team that prides itself on delivering Swiss quality and reliability.

Specto Medical - Universität Basel Spinoff


Prof. Philippe Cattin is an inventor and the founder of Specto Medical®. After eight years of research and development, and in partnership with engineers and medical practitioners, he founded the start-up in 2022.

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